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Easy Step By Step Guide On Becoming A Truck/Freight Dispatcher In Ontario!

Easy Step By Step Guide On Becoming A Truck-Freight Dispatcher In Ontario - MAZE Consultancy


Truck and freight dispatchers are a vital part of the trucking industry. Truck drivers ensure freights keep moving while freight and truck dispatchers ensure that the trucks are always loaded. According to the USTR, around two-thirds of the trade between the US and Canada. 

Most of these trades are facilitated by trucks, and a truck passes the US-Canada border every 2.5 seconds. So you can understand the importance of truck and freight dispatchers in facilitating the trade between these powerhouses. 

Becoming a truck dispatcher right now is an excellent option as a career move, and at Maze Consultancy, that’s what we can help you out with. 

Our services range from helping certifications like CTPAT, PIP and CSA certifications. Additionally, we offer one of Ontario’s best truck and freight dispatcher training programs

That means we know how to make you a good truck dispatcher, and this guide will help you. So without any further delay, let’s check it out!


What’s The Job Responsibility Of A Truck And Freight Dispatcher?

The responsibility of a truck and freight dispatcher isn’t just about scheduling freights. Their job responsibilities are wide-ranging. Here is a list of truck and freight dispatcher job responsibilities you need to know about:

  • Finding loads for trucks
  • Negotiating the load and freight rates for the carrier and broker.
  • Maintaining daily records.
  • Reviewing career contracts.
  • Reviewing and finding the best rates.
  • Keeping track of load confirmations.
  • Scheduling drivers for loads.
  • Ensuring border passage for truckers without hassle.
  • Tracking loaded trucks from the loading till delivery.
  • Keeping clients up to date about the status of the loads.
  • Monitoring the routes for emergencies or unforeseen risks and then rerouting drivers accordingly.
  • Act as the main point of contact for the drivers and internal and external customers.


How Much Does A Truck Dispatcher Earn In Ontario?

The average salary of a truck and freight dispatcher in Ontario is around 45,622 dollars a year. However, the pay depends on several factors, like the applicant’s professional experience. For example, if you want to work with an agency, your work experience and role in the field may impact your salary. 

Also, freight dispatchers often advance within the company ranks to earn higher salaries, so the average salary doesn’t reflect the most a truck dispatcher can make. 


What Skills Do You Need To Become A Truck/Freight Dispatcher?

Truck and freight dispatchers build the foundation of the trucking industry. They keep everything running smoothly. The importance means that no one can execute this role, and they need to have specific skills that ensure perfect harmony. Here is a list of skills that every good truck dispatcher must have!


Proficient Computer Skills

The world is interconnected with internet-enabled computers, smartphones, and other technology-driven devices. To succeed as a truck and freight dispatcher, you must be proficient in all of them. As a truck dispatcher, you will need to know how to operate advanced software for GPS monitoring of trucks and loads. 

You will also need to understand how to navigate load boards like Load Link or DAT and have knowledge of border crossing software, including ACE and ACI. Proficiency in computer skills will allow you to update records and properly find and monitor loads.


Analytical And Problem Solving Skills

As a truck dispatcher, you will need to think on your feet as plenty of things come up but weren’t on our plan. You must be able to analyze and solve potential issues on the go. 

Proactively performing tasks and being able to assess risks to avoid problems arising is invaluable in the trucking industry. In addition, you should be able to make quick discussions and implement backup plans with the utmost precision.


Good Communication Skills

To become a successful truck dispatcher, you need excellent communication skills. You must be fluent in English and get your point across to everyone. 

In addition, you will need to coordinate with truck drivers, brokers, and carriers. So having a solid command of a second language or being multilingual will always come in handy.


Impeccable Interpersonal Skills

As a dispatcher, you will deal with a wide range of people, and good interpersonal skills in this environment are an asset. The key to having good interpersonal skills is empathy. It will help you efficiently manage drivers, customers, vendors and everyone else your job requires you to interact with. 

In addition, the position requires you to be a good multitasker because your day-to-day will involve coordinating with several drivers and customers from different places.


Fantastic Negotiating Skills

You must have fantastic negotiating skills to make it as a dispatcher. A core part of your job will be to negotiate the freight rates and contracts with freight brokers or shippers to maximize profitability for the company. .

So these are the skills that every truck and freight dispatcher must have. Now that you know the skills you must possess, let’s talk about how to become a truck or freight dispatcher next!


How To Become A Truck/Freight Dispatcher?

How To Become A Truck-Freight Dispatcher - MAZE Consultancy
Truck-Freight Dispatcher


You can quickly learn how to become a truck dispatcher either by taking regular truck dispatching courses or learn it from home by taking online courses

Now, suppose you want to go further in the dispatching sector. In that case, you can consider getting a degree, but that’s not necessary for the field. 

Getting the degree comes later and is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. As we already said, it’s not a requirement. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to becoming a truck or freight dispatcher!.


Having The Right Certificates And Training.

You will need at least a high school diploma or a GED to apply for a truck dispatching job. However, you should also consider taking up truck dispatching courses, even if it is an online job, if you don’t have prior experience in the trucking world. These courses are designed to introduce the industry and job while ensuring you have the skills to set you up for success.


Consider Getting An Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree isn’t at all necessary. However, companies nowadays usually prefer candidates with an associate’s degree in logistics, transportation or another related field. 

It’s an excellent way to get a competitive edge over other candidates while also being a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree, should you look to move further up in the sector.


Gaining Relative Industry Experience

Gaining relative industry experience is a great way to take your first steps to becoming a truck dispatcher. Try working in roles in trucking, freight hauling and shipping and receiving. 

You will need to know local, state and federal laws governing freight transportation and know weight limits and safety regulations. Having all the necessary knowledge will help you handle scheduling and freight issues as a dispatcher. 


Skill Development

The truck dispatching sector is anything but stagnant. That means you will need to keep working on developing your skills as you go along. Your skills in telecommunication, written communication and communication with others must develop with the times. 

While having an eye for detail and organization is excellent, what you need most as a truck and freight dispatcher is communication. You should try and develop record-keeping, phone call documentation, and scheduling methods. 

Along with these soft skills, you should also develop a better understanding of truck dispatching and garner a better understanding of the daily telecommunication equipment in your job. 

Now, that’s how to become a truck dispatcher. But if you want to establish an independent truck dispatching business, read on, as that’s what we will talk about in the following passages!


How To Establish A Truck Dispatching Business?

Truck dispatching isn’t only a job. However, you can quickly start a truck and freight dispatching business. First, ensure you follow the instructions mentioned earlier to know what it entails to become a truck dispatcher. Then you can follow the next steps!


Step 1

The first step is registering your business. Make sure it’s short, to the point, and not tricky to pronounce. Try including terms like “independent dispatch” or “dispatching services,” and try to avoid words like “trucking” or “logistics.” From our experience, structuring your business as an LLC or Inc.


Step 2

Everything is digital, and all the eyeballs are in the digital space. That means you will need to establish an online presence. Get a domain in your business name, and create and optimize your business account on all the significant socials. 

Creating your website will be the most important thing you do for your business. Here are some factors you should keep in mind when creating the site:

  • Make the homepage stand out.
  • Make the right sales pitch.
  • Be The Likeable CEO.
  • Create Scarcity.
  • Have Social Proof.


Step 3

Getting a load board subscription is a big step toward finding quality and relevant loads. While you can find free load boards, you can get high-quality loads only on paid subscriptions. 


Step 4

The trucking industry is all about making connections. Getting a paid subscription to find quality loads for your truck dispatching operation works. 

Still, you should switch it up in the long run and work on building relationships and gathering loads organically. To do that, you can also partner with directories to gain partner leads. .


The Takeaway

So there you go, our guide on becoming a good truck/freight dispatcher. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to work as a truck dispatcher without any problems. Helping you with getting your foot in the door and making a career in truck dispatching is our goal. 

So if you have more questions about becoming a truck dispatcher or feel like we missed something, let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. 

Contact MAZE Consultancy now at 9058262919 or explore our truck dispatcher and freight broker training course by visiting the following page: https://www.mazeconsultancy.com/training/truck-dispatcher-course/