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How to Prepare for a CTPAT Audit?


The CTPAT is a voluntary supply chain security program that is created by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to reduce the risk of terrorism and maintain the security of the supply chain. The Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary incentive-based program in which the partners are allowed to work with members of the trade community to improve the security of global supply chains and prevent them from being affected by terrorist organizations.

The CTPAT certificate not only just ensures the security of the supply chain but also plays a major role in reducing the risk of terrorism. To get the certification, the interested companies have to go through a CTPAT Review which clears whether they are eligible for the certificate or not. Once CTPAT certified the members will have a CTPAT Validation visit by US CBP. Preparing for a CTPAT validation visit is a complicated process but following the right tips make it easy for interested companies to prepare for the visit and get the CTPAT certification status changed to “validated”. Here are some steps that you can use to prepare for a CTPAT Validation visit.

Reviewing The CTPAT Security Criteria

The first thing that you must do to prepare for a CTPAT Validation visit is to review the CTPAT security criteria. When preparing for a CTPAT inspection it is always better to thoroughly review the security criteria established by CBP. Reviewing the security criteria helps you know about specific instructions for access control, physical security, information security, and personnel security. This also helps you understand what is expected from you and your company.

Create a Security Plan

Once you are well aware of the security requirements, it is better to create a security plan. When creating the plan it is important to make sure that the plan will describe what you will do to meet the CBP standards. It must include specific steps as well as procedures that you are going to implement, to ensure compliance with CBP security criteria.

Do a Self-Evaluation

The next thing that you must do to prepare for a CTPAT validation is a self-evaluation of your supply chain security procedures by doing an internal ctpat audit. After reviewing the security criteria, conducting a self-evaluation or an internal ctpat audit of the supply chain security procedures, will assist you in determining any potential areas of improvement.

Make Changes to Your Security Profile

Once you are well aware of the improvements that you must do, you can move towards making the changes to your security profile. It is better to make sure that the information in your security profile is not just accurate but also up-to-date. Make sure to update your security profile in case of any changes. Evaluating your current security measures help you identify security gaps. Along with this, providing the CTPAT security criteria training to your staff also helps you ensure that everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

Prepare For The Physical Security Check

The inspection of the physical security is a major part of the CTPAT validation. Make sure to check that your facility’s security is good and security systems are working properly. Also make sure that you have all relevant documents that are required during the process, such as training records, security plans, incident reports, etc.

Work With Suppliers

Make sure your suppliers are well aware of the CTPAT program as well as the security requirements in case they are part of your supply chain. It is better to provide them with any assistance they may require meeting the requirements.

Prepare Yourself For CTPAT Certification

For CTPAT certification, interested companies have to complete the requirements and follow the security guidelines established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. At MAZE Consultancy & Training, we offer CTPAT supply chain security training to help you get the CTPAT certification. We also assist clients with CTPAT Certification, FAST certification along with PIP and CSA certifications. Get in touch with MAZE Consultancy today at 9058262919 or visit the following page to get more information regarding CTPAT, PIP and CSA Certification.

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