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Minimum Requirements for CTPAT Certification

CTPAT Certification

The terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001 have undoubtedly changed the landscape of world politics as well as world economics. It has increased the need for more safety and security in the United States and has made the trade business tough for organizations.

Now organizations who want to export products to the country must certify themselves with the CTPAT certification, introduced by the United States. CTPAT, which also stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary supply chain security program that was put in place to increase security in the country. It is organized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to implement the best security practices to ensure the safety of all those goods that enter the country.

To many organizations, getting a CTPAT certificate seems to be easy. But it is a certification program for which the applying organizations must ensure that they are completing all the requirements properly. The requirements for the CTPAT certification vary based on the type of organization your company is.Consolidators, Customs Brokers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Highway Carriers, Importers and 3PL Service Provider are eligible to apply for CTPAT Certification.

Following are some of the CTPAT requirements for Importer:


For CTPAT certification, the applying organization must make sure that it has carried or transferred goods into the country within the last year. Being an active importer or an importer who is not a resident of the country, but has imported goods, within the past 12 months, helps to be eligible for the CTPAT certification.

IOR number

Another thing that is important for the applying organization is the IOR number. For the CTPAT certification, organizations must make sure they have an active US importer of Record (IOR) number. An IATA code (International Air Transport Association Code) is also required for the certification.

Import Bond Registration

To get CTPAT membership, business organizations must make sure that they have a verified import bond registered with CBP. It is also important to make sure that the bond deals with a company or business office that is staffed in the US or Canada.

Responsible Officer

Having an officer responsible for the CTPAT Certification requirements is also a must-have for the applying organizations. They also must make sure they have a properly registered business office in the US or Canada.

Sign CTPAT Agreement

The applying organization has to sign the CTPAT agreement as per the requirement. It ensures that they can participate in different programs that are offered by the CTPAT as a program as well as part of the process.

Consult Professionals for CTPAT Certification

CTPAT certification helps businesses improve their efficiency in a variety of ways. It not only just helps the government keep the country protected against terrorist threats but also increases the chances of business growth and success.

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