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Trucking Dispatch and Brokerage Specialist


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Course Details

  • Dates: 1 April 2019
  • Location: Willington Park, Brooklyn
  • Course Fee: $1000
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Project Under: Transporation
  • Advisor: Not Finalised

We offer many different training courses relating to the logistics industry, but our Trucking Dispatch and Freight Brokerage training course is by far our most popular one. For those familiar with the industry, you know why. A dispatcher is one of the most important people in a trucking company, as they play a critical role in the day-to-day operations, as well as the future growth of the company.

Once trucking companies become successful, they further develop their business by starting a brokerage division, as this helps them sell loads legally without investing a ton of money in equipment and drivers. With 61,800 trucking companies (Highway Carriers) currently in Canada and with that number growing day-by-day, an already strong demand for certified Trucking Dispatchers and Freight Brokers is growing exponentially.

Enroll today with Maze Training and get certified as a “Trucking Dispatch and Brokerage Specialist”. We offer the highest quality Trucking Dispatch training course in Canada. All our courses at MAZE Training are taught in conjunction with the professors from different colleges in Canada. Our course will not only train you as to how to become a successful Dispatcher and Freight/Load Broker but will also teach you how to manage and run a successful Logistic Company specialized in Trucking and Brokerage.

Course Topics Includes

  • Business Management
  • Managing Operations
  • Trucking and Brokerage Authorities and permits
  • US (DOT) Rules and Regulations
  • Canada (MTO) Rules and Regulations
  • Hours of Service and Logbook (USA & Canada)
  • Load Planning
  • Load pricing and negotiating
  • Fast Certification
  • US and Canada Bond
  • Border crossing procedures (USA and Mexico)
  • Load Matching software
  • Load Matching software
  • Dispatching Software
  • Brokerage Software
  • Contract Negotiations and Sales Technique
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