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What Are Truck Dispatcher Job Description? 7 Vital Points

What Are Truck Dispatcher Job Description - MAZE Consultancy


If it weren’t for the hundreds of thousands of trucks that carry and ship goods daily, the Canadian economy would come to a grinding halt. When it comes to getting goods from point A to B, the Canadian trucking industry is there to ensure they arrive on schedule.

In the trucking industry, dispatchers are like conductors. They’ll help you find the optimal path to move shipments from pickup to the delivery location. In dispatch training, you’ll master the skills dispatchers employ to keep the Canadian trucking industry moving.

However, before that, it’s essential to know what is in a truck dispatcher’s job description and how much money they make.


What Do Truck Dispatchers Do?

The truck Dispatcher’s primary responsibility is to organize and arrange freight transportation by working with drivers, freight brokers, vendors, and suppliers to ensure a smooth business flow.

As a truck dispatcher, you’ll be expected to perform a wide range of tasks and responsibilities:


Being Proactive Is The Key

Dispatchers of trucks must assume leadership and be prepared to deal with any circumstance. Repair, maintenance, and other expenditures can be reduced by addressing possible issues before they arise. For example, they must ensure that the driver is in top physical condition before starting work. On top of that, they must appraise every circumstance and prioritize accordingly.


Make Plans Way Ahead

The most effective driving routes must be scheduled by truck dispatchers. This means keeping an eye on the weather and offering drivers alternate routes if necessary. Management can better assist and manage the drivers with proper planning.


Maintain Trucking and Scheduling Records

All dispatch and trip records, ideally digital, must be kept by a truck dispatcher. Shipments, drivers, working hours, and scheduling details must be included in these documents. In order to better manage resources and comply with numerous safety laws, good record-keeping methods are essential.


Take Calls From Clients and Drivers

When it comes to truck dispatch, excellent communication skills are crucial. Vendors and drivers will usually call a truck dispatcher with all kinds of queries, emergencies or not. As a Truck Dispatcher, one must keep track of all phone queries.


Reporting To The Management

Management should be kept informed of the progress made by truck dispatchers. This will help the company make rational judgments about shipments when these reports are provided on time.


Keep Contact Between Client and Drivers

If the transportation process is going to run smoothly, truck dispatchers must be in continual contact with customers (Freight brokers) and drivers. The ability to communicate effectively with clients and drivers is also critical to the success of dispatchers.


Client Hunting and Negotiation

In order to grow the company’s customer base and raise revenue, truck dispatchers must periodically reach out to potential customers. In order to ensure that both parties are satisfied, they discuss the fees with the clients during this procedure.

Depending on the product being sent and the distance it travels, these prices may differ.


How Much Does A Truck Dispatcher Make In Canada?

Truck dispatchers in Canada earn an annual pay of $45,045 ($23.10 per hour) on average. Starting salaries for entry-level positions range from $45,000 to $56,550 annually, and after a couple of years, the salary can go as high as CAD 120,000 plus, depending on the experience of the Truck Dispatcher.

The amount you’ll be paid depends on your location, level of experience, employer, and the type of freight you’ll be seeing. You may also be able to earn a greater wage if you have an associate degree rather than a high school diploma.


Which Education Will Help Become A Truck Dispatcher?

You don’t need any specific education from College to become a Truck Dispatcher. If you have done courses related to Supply Chain Management, this will help you enter the Trucking Industry. However, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting hired as a Truck Dispatcher:



Internships are a great way for aspiring truck dispatchers to gain real-world experience. It is possible for candidates to perform relevant dispatch duties under supervision in these internship programs.

You can apply for a job in the field if you have gained the necessary skills and expertise during your internship.


Associated Degree

If you have done courses related to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, it will help you enter the Trucking Industry. Truck dispatcher jobs are easier to come by with this degree.


External Truck Dispatching Certification

External certifications will definitely help you enhance your entry as a Truck Dispatcher and expand your knowledge base. Training Centres like MAZE Consultancy and Training based in Canada and USA offer practical-based Truck Dispatch Training Courses for aspiring Truck Dispatchers. During the 4-day LIVE online training course, all the trainees are allowed to practice on the LIVE load board and other TMS software. This will help one build confidence and practical knowledge in entering the Trucking industry as a Truck Dispatcher. 


Experience To Become A Truck Dispatcher

Experience in a comparable field, such as working as a customer service representative for a courier, with one to three years’ worth of experience, can often be substituted for trucking experience.

Previous experience in trucking is typically preferred, as is familiarity with regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation.


Future As A Truck Dispatcher

According to projections made by the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the overall volume of freight will increase by 36% between now and 2031.

Trucking remains the dominant way of moving goods, despite the increased demand due to increased international trade. There will always be a demand for drivers and truck dispatchers to fulfill the ever-increasing demand. It seems likely that this will be a secure line of work for at least the next ten years.

There are situations when a dispatcher’s job can serve as a “stepping stone” to another position. If you’re a competent dispatcher, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry. Once you gain a few years of experience, you’ll have the option to move up within the organization in management and set up your own Trucking company or an Independent Dispatching Company where you can dispatch for multiple trucking companies.

If you are searching for truck dispatching training under qualified instructors, Maze Consultancy & Training is one of the most popular options in Canada and the USA. Contact Maze Consultancy at 9058262919 or visit the following pages for more information about our Truck Dispatcher and Freight Broker Training courses:

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